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Flower Arrangments

Welcome to my cyber home. I will keep writing while I do my research. "Keep your powder dry!" CREDO CONSPIRATIO

My grandaughter likes flower arrangements and asked me to make a webpage for her.

Here is a flower hood I recommend.

Floral Day Dreams You’re at work and you’re staring at a computer screen, a clock, a wall, or wherever else your eyes affix themselves when the day’s monotony sets in. Suddenly, a heavenly vision fills your imagination with its inspirational glow-- it’s the image of a sunflower—and your thoughts turn to Mother Earth and the joy you find in communing with nature. Perhaps you’re thinking of a garden of your own, a neighbors field, or somewhere far distant you saw in a magazine or a painting. Wherever your mind goes you find your mood much improved when you finally snap out of it , though admittedly, that could just be the morning coffee kicking in.

Flower arrangements take a lot of skill! Emily loves putting the pink flowers with another color flowers. It is beautiful that all the flowers no matter what color can be together in harmony. Mankind can learn a lot from the simple flower.

Photo by Marcelo Cidrack