Fukushima Spaceship Conspiracy FACT

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I. Japan (or "Nipon") is full of wonderful people. A people I love for intelligence hardworking spirit. Sushi to ;-). Ever since WWII they have abeen a friend and ally to The United States. They invented many computers, VCRS, DVDS. Very friendly.

II. But what technology breakthroughs have they made recently? Playstation 3?!!! "There are more marvels then meet the eyes." What could they be hiding?

III. The Fukishima Nuclear Disaster happened 11 Mar '11. The "official" story is: we we don't know why it happened. An accident with no explanation? *****play the xfiles music in your head****

IIII. The government stated that there were three nuclear explosions. 1 person died. 30-40 years before cleanup is done.


One scientist (Haruto Mori) reports that the nuclear reactor is still in operation! It provides power for the entire operation, more energy than they need to be honest. Also, there are rocket labs and physics centers with hundreds of government scientists. What are they researching?? Read on my friend.

Mr. Mori says the government wants to build a faster than light spaceship. It is possible with quantum physics.

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                                / /  `
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         +              .'  '.   *
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            +         |:. (_)  |          *
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                   / .-'':._.'`-. \
                   |/    /||\    \|
       sayonara  _..--"""````"""--.._
           _.-'``                    ``'-._
         -'                                '-

Some think that the Japanese government has already done it. A spaceship capable of faster than light travel, the Hino Doreiku. This ship is named after a Japanese legend.

In 2013 Japan launched what they claimed was a container ship carrying 12 telecommunication satellites. But the ship was 3 times larger than necessary for that number of satellites. No one has observed the satellites.It was also made out of a STRONTIUM alloy, which would be unecessary unless they were preparing for large space travel. The container ship actually contained the faster than light drive and materials to construct the body of the spaceship

The light pollution in Japan has been measured to increased for the last few years. The light has centered from FUKISHIMA.

So when will we open to the truth? Why do the police not examine further? "How deep does the rabbit hole go?"

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